“I am a freelance graphic designer and teacher, from Komárno, Slovakia, who likes to draw, paint, read and to travel (anytime, anywhere).

I am a perfectionist, when it comes to design, typography, kerning, composition, drawing details or choosing the perfect color. However, in traditional art, I prefer expressionism and surrealism.

When I could not find a full time job as a graphic designer, I decided to make my own studio, and that is, how Open Art Studio was founded in 2013. “

Eva Czifra

Owner and graphic designer

The Open Art Studio is a family owned business in Komárno, Slovakia.
The studio was established in 2013 and our main profile is logo design, corporate identity design, and vector graphics.

Besides this, unique handmade glass jewelry is crafted at the studio.

We are working in our home office at the moment.
There is a new offer among the studio’s services from 2015: we are creating professional 2D and 3D technical drawings for constructing and architecture, based on draft plans and previous measurements.

Open Art Studio’s business statements:

We are curious and creative and strong.

We are straight in communication.

We are fair in business.

We are your alternative choice.



Eve & Istvan

Open Art Studio 2015


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