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Open Art Studio website design

Open Art Studio Website

I am writing the source code for my website, trying out new things, like a flexible slider, or the jQuery. However, I still prefer the neat and clean (HTML and CSS) look, which makes my website look more professional. I think the background will remain pure white, with a plain logo at the top and a black navigation bar below. The website is mobile optimized, with media Query.

In my opinion the Open Art Studio galaxy logo does not require a colorful “full header picture” – and of course, there is a Javascripted picture gallery under the navigation bar.

I am planning to create a picture slider or carousel to  the “Design”, the “Illustration” and the “Glass” sections, and to write the contents in February – March  (content-writing to a website in 3 languages is pretty hard!!).

Pictures of my website from my portfolio:


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