The CV Project #1

The CV Project 1 January

About my personal project

Personal project: 12 CVs in 2016! (or more?)

However, I am a freelancer, I am still looking for a full time graphic designer job, and I have decided to create a new CV every month in 2016. I am curious, what kind of CVs could get a respond – or maybe a positive answer. Which one is the most interesting for the HR departments? The stylish one? The creative one? The professional modern one?

I was designing a couple of CV and resume templates for my customers, and I will use these designs as well in my project, but of course, I will rewrite all the data and information to suit me.

Most of the time when I send my application, I even do not get a respond. However, like many of us, sometimes I get a message: “We are sorry, but we have chosen someone else”.

Now I am planning to apply to all open positions for a graphic designer nearby – you never know, maybe once I get a positive answer!

“If you can dream it, you can do it” – said Walt Disney, so let’s do it!

The first CV: #1 January

(This is the template I designed last year for Balazs, just a bit updated)


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