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Building a website – on my own

Two years ago I could hardly imagine myself designing and building my website – on my own. I started to learn HTML and CSS in 2014, when I came back from Hungary to work in Slovakia. At first, it was difficult and I could barely read the coding and just tried to practice the basics.

Since I am not a “tech” minded person, I struggled with understanding the logic of building a website, but as I have learned new things in CSS, it all seemed to have sense.

At that point I decided to remove my old website and create a new.

I wanted a pure, simple, minimalist design despite of the fact, that the trendy websites are dynamic or use animation and many responsive elements. The easy part was to put everything on paper (drawing and designing the layout) and to write a simple static Welcome page while I am working on the rest of the site.

I was using only HTML and CSS codes, but I needed my friend’s help with scripting. And the result? Exactly what I have designed!

Let’s see the elements of the new website:

  • Header: a good-looking nice Open Art Studio logo and the English – Slovak – Hungarian buttons
  • Navigaton: a flat black navigation bar with bold Calibri Light letters
  • Slideshow with Javascript: Huge thanks to Richard Gál for scripting!
  • Headings: flat and black, stylish, as the navigation bar
  • Sections: contents of the page, using <p> and <div> elements and the I am planning to use scrolling
  • Footer: social media icons and copyrights
All in all, I just love flat design!


There is still a lot of work to do with it, and the testing of course. But what I am proud of is that the site is mobile optimized and I hope it will really work under 800 pixels 🙂

Website layout

The new website is launching soon, so keep checking it —> 😉



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