Glassics: Do you Lime it?

Glass Thursday

Dear Readers and Visitors,

This weeks favourites are the cooling and vibrating LIME colours on glass rings and necklaces. It is almost summer and we simply need something shiny, positive and cheerful!

Do you LIME it?


Inspiration:  I got inspired by the colour of this vibrating lime green. The most suitable style for it however was the simpliest, minimalistic look. The lime green pendants, rings and earrings can be found now only in the MINIMA Collection!


The set: The pendant is a simple, oval-shaped glass, with a sparkling stripe in the middle. The minimalistic, but quite large ring also has a little sparkling dichroic glass on top. Besides, the simple, modern, vibrating lime stud earrings are the perfect match to every lovely dress this summer! /Earrings also available with stainless steel components/




Where to find it?  Soon it will be available for sale at our new website (, at our Etsy and SASHE shop, now it is available for sale just for ordering via facebook or email ( or at the TIMEA FASHION store in Komárno, Slovakia.

Get the look!


Open Art Studio


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